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    LeYi International co. Ltd., set up the concept that human resources are the primary resources , talents are key element of enterprise development , around the overall development strategy of the company, the personnel management innovation, mechanism innovation are now treated as an important means of enhancing the company's core competitiveness, establishing a requirements and adapting to market competition. To gradually establish a modern enterprise system , our company takes the lead in optimizing corporate systems, the organizational structure , work processes and the establishment of clear major scientific talent hiring mechanism as the main content of the organization and business process reengineering, successfully creates a respect for knowledge and talent, outstanding talent in favor of a good environment for Chinese music sustained , healthy and rapid development of arts provide a reliable guarantee of talent .
1 . Implementation of open enrollment, being strict on quality of staff
    LeYi focus on optimizing personnel structure, improve the quality , the better off into people -oriented society through open recruitment , equal competition , and actively recruit more capable to create mechanisms talent cohesion. New staff competency requirements determined according to the specific job , common conditions and recruitment procedures in accordance with relevant requirements. Probationary period for new employees to implement the system , the probation period qualifier signed employment contracts , unqualified persons are not hired.
2 . Fully implement and improve the employment system
   LeYi staff in accordance with relevant state laws and regulations , voluntary equality , on the basis of consensus , by signing a labor agreement , determine labor relations, units and individuals clear obligations and rights . The establishment of a dismissal , resignation systems , the unit can dismiss employees in accordance with the employment contract , employees can resign in accordance with the employment contract , smooth export , ensuring can be hired .
3 , the implementation job management system
     LeYi in different positions clear responsibilities, rights and working conditions of the staff required by the duties of strict management positions. Through the establishment of scientific employment mechanism, the talent to play on the most suitable location for their ability to make it in the business and projects full intelligence, creating the basic conditions for the development of enterprises. For leadership positions , establish and improve the term target responsibility system, strengthen the term target completion of the assessment ; employees according to the general requirements of the post office , focusing on management , business ability, work performance and efficiency assessment. The evaluation results as the primary basis for the adjustment of staff positions and treatment. Each job competition and universal implementation of two-way choice, and gradually establish a public fair, merit-based competition, the selection and appointment mechanism promoted or demoted.
4 . Sound allocation incentives
  LeYi established a benefit index -based, and labor contribution value indicators supporting the assessment honor remuneration approach of combining management indicators, according to the senior management of the enterprise as a whole and two levels of assessment were honored . Economic indicators and indicators of labor contribution to the value of total wages of employees and enterprises realized then linked to reward management and business efficiency indicators and targets linked to senior management, re- allocation of the performance and contributions, stressing efficiency and work hard to make income distribution to front-line staff, and outstanding contributions of personnel backbone tilt, give full play to the role of incentive income distribution. Implemented by the unpaid positions, according to the task given remuneration , remuneration determined by the results of the distribution system , in order to determine the post -based employee wages, reasonable distribution of grades opened between different staff positions , truly salary changes , to high-energy low . In addition, the company for employees to establish a basic social insurance, conditional Group companies also established a supplementary insurance for employees .
5. Human resources development and training
      China has always put LeYi training as a long-term strategic business development and human resources development , targeted personalized training for staff , effectively improving the overall quality of the workforce and enterprise management level.
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