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    From December 8 to 10, the company held working party cadres training in Liberty City. Party committees of each subsidiary company attached great importance to the training meeting. More than 23 people participated in the training.  Deputy General Manager of the company gave mobilizing and concluding speech.
    The training is a specific measure to implement and practice the scientific development. It intended to establish a clear party affairs departments or subsidiaries and affiliated companies, part-time basis with the staff party, to comprehensively improve its business the level of knowledge and work organized. Training , we seriously study the Fourth Plenary Session of the Seventeenth and spirit of the national conference of state-owned enterprises work of party building , combined with practical learning and unify the company's grassroots organizations to set and affiliation , then turn the relationship between the party organization , membership dues collection to use and so forth ; learning the " three class " system, the system of democratic life , in recognition of the advanced systems of work ; study the development of the four party members and 24 work flow procedures ; learning center on strengthening the fight against corruption and build a system to punish and prevent corruption , building a clean government accountability, the state-owned enterprise leaders to implement certain provisions of honest business and conduct performance monitoring , etc. specific requirements ; learning to strengthen the democratic management of enterprises to carry out factory affairs , strengthen team building relevant content ; discuss amendments to the company's " Interim Provisions on the news and propaganda work ," " implementation opinions on Strengthening corporate culture " and "Implementation opinions on Strengthening team building " and other documents. This year the subsidiary exchange party building work and planning arrangements for next year, and to strengthen our opinions and suggestions put forward Party building work. During the meeting, participants also organized to visit Zunyi Meeting site and dividend peak concentration camps for revolutionary tradition education .
     In his concluding remarks, the deputy general manager pointed out that it is a crucial year for the company in full realization of the second five-year development plan. To organize the training had special meaning, not only for the party b, but also the exchange of experience and theories. I hope that delegates focus on research firm summarizes the basic rules of party building work and experience in the future work, insist on the formation of an effective long-term party building a good tradition, good experiences and good practices, based on the work of party building resolved through institutional and normative universality ; proceed from reality, the courage to blaze new trails, the spirit of reform and innovation to study and explore the new changes work of party building management system and organizational structure, and strive to improve in practice, strengthen innovation, in order to provide political guarantees to successfully achieve the company's second five-year plan.
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