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Human resources>>Decorative building materials business recruitment
Ground material into natural stone, artificial board, solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, ceramic tile, carpet, plastic flooring and floor coatingsӣ
Wall materials:
Wall materials can be divided into materials and finishes off the wall material. Which finishes materials are latex paint, wallpaper, wood, wood trim finish, ceramic wall tiles and wall coverings; blocking material into the wood keel, light steel keel, gypsum board, glass and decorative wall panels.
Top material:
Top material is divided into PVC ceiling, wooden grille ceiling, gypsum board ceiling
And decorative light fixtures.
Furniture products:
There are all kinds of solid wood furniture plate frame material, particleboard, MDF or metal frames, decorative natural wood decking materials, artificial decorative panels, metal alloy panels, etc.
Decorative lines:
Decorative lines, baseboards and pool lights lines.
Sanitary equipment:
Bath and toilet facilities divided between the toilet facilities, hardware and so on.
Kitchen equipment:
Kitchen equipment into storage equipment, washing equipment, conditioning equipment, cooking equipment and dining equipment.
Windows and doors products:
Products are divided into steel doors and windows, aluminum doors and wooden doors and bars, etc.
Furniture and soft furnishings:
Office furniture, curtains, grille, decorative lights, casual seating, crafts, art, etc.
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