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     Entrepreneurial spirit is the soul of the corporate culture. It's this spirit that corporate advocate, employee recognize, promote the long-term business development and growth of us. In the past 10 years, LeYi starts from scratch, from weak to strong, from the unknown to the forefront. We created "united, pragmatic, innovative, and efficient" spirit and tradition.
 Unity: Unity is strength; unity brings us cohesion economic benefits. LeYi deeply understands that unity is the determinants of successful enterprise reform, development and stability. Its the only way to deal with a wider range of multifaceted challenges and to strengthen corporate resilience and flexibility.
      Pragmatism: by pragmatism, we mean development is the priority of a company. To understand their own, the true state of the market, customers and other things, to make the right innovation decisions, and act in a pragmatic style, and to transform innovative ideas into reality.
      Innovation: the core competitiveness of enterprises is the ability to innovate in the face of numerous changes in domestic and foreign markets. Only by changing with the times, constantly innovating can we ensure that LeYi always stand invincible.
      Efficiency: market reaction speed has become an essential element. It determines the survival and development of an organization. To constantly enhance the efficiency, to carry forward the spirit of seizing the day are important to ensure continued access to LeYi development .
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