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Ministry of housing and urban construction 581 National Engineering National Engineering 122, two national engineering 459
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The Ministry of housing and urban-rural development recently issued a notice,announced the 2011 ~ 2012 annual national construction method 581, among them the national level engineering 122, two national engineering 459.

The circular pointed out, in 2013, 1742 construction ministry of housing and urban rural development experts on the relevant regions and departmentswere reviewed, and 581 of 2011 ~ 2012 annual national construction method.Among them, the hard cut secant pile wall construction method, complicated construction conditions in the basement of a two side of reversed construction method for super high rise buildings, large volume concrete slab continuous seamless construction method and the 122 at the national level method,resonance method in the treatment of liquefiable foundation construction method, the factory prefabricated concrete foundation construction method,the construction method of filling grouting empty mining district 459 is the two national level method.

The Ministry of housing and urban-rural development, hope that all regionsand departments attach great importance to construction management,encourage the construction enterprise timely summary of constructionexperience, pay attention to the method development and improve the ability of technological innovation, promote the application of technology, improve our construction technology and engineering quality. (China Construction News)

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