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The exchange of experiences will be held in Hangzhou
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To sum up the promotion of China's construction enterprises of high technology and advanced applicable technologies, strengthen and promoteinter expert mutual learning and exchange of experience, to further promote technological progress and management innovation of industry. In April 9 ~ 10 days, construction technology professional committee China Building Industry Association held in Hangzhou city construction enterprises of advanced and applicable technology application experience exchange meeting. ChineseBuilding Industry Association vice president Xu Yiping attended the meeting,vice president and Secretary General Wu Tao attended the meeting and made a speech, President of the Zhejiang Provincial Building Industry AssociationZhao Rulong speech. Xiao Xuwen China Academy of engineering for "buildingindustry science and technology innovation and green construction" theme report. From the provinces, city, autonomous region construction industryassociation's leadership, built in the co construction engineering technologyexperts committee of experts and business representatives of more than 400 people attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by Chinese Construction Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Jing Wan.

Vice President Wu Tao and Secretary General summarized the UIAarchitecture engineering technology expert committee in 2013 the work of the.In 2013, built in the Co Construction Engineering Technology Committee of experts to the spirit of the party's eighteen big as guidance, according to theoverall plan and arrange Association, according to working characteristics of the Committee of experts, in the service industry, service enterprises, the purpose of serving the community, pay attention to personnel training, to playprofessional expertise, in the aspects of technical advisory guidance and lead the demonstration etc., do a lot of very fruitful work, provide technical support and guarantee for the association to carry out the relevant activities. One is to lay a solid foundation, to standardize the operation, the Committee of expertsdatabase archiving. Two is the organization learning, strengthen business training, and continuously improve the professional ability of experts. Three is in accordance with the Ministry of housing and urban rural developmentrequirements of the relevant departments, completed the recommended operating Department experts. Four is the strict procedures, strengthen self-discipline, organize experts to participate in various kinds of behaviorevaluation and demonstration project acceptance. Five is the perfect system,strengthen interior management, carefully in order to complete the workassigned by superior.

He stressed that, in accordance with the spirit of the eighteen and the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen, the current and future a period will be the new industrialization, informatization in China, urbanization, agricultural modernization is benign and interactive, collaborative development period of strategic opportunities, in the face of the new situation, the construction industry arduous tasks, the experts, the glorious mission. We must Scientific Outlook on Development guidance, closely around the main line industry development mode change, in order to promote the new urbanizationconstruction as the main task, continue to deepen reform, efforts to practical work, promote and realize modernization of construction industry. One is to accelerate the development of implement innovation drive developmentstrategy, promoting the technological progress and management innovation ofindustry. The two is to create the Luban prize project, new technologyapplication of green construction demonstration project as the carrier, and actively promote the application of advanced and applicable technologies, to enhance the enterprise's green building capacity. Three is to achieve the construction industry modernization as the goal, to speed up thetransformation of development mode of industry, promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

He pointed out that, to promote the construction of industry in the process of modernization, must closely around the theme of scientific development, firmly grasp the main line changing the pattern of development of the industry, in order to comprehensively promote the new urbanization construction as the main task, in accordance with the implementation of the "Twelfth Five year plan" proposed innovation "a theory", a clear shift "two a competition", always adhere to the "three upgrade", grasp the "four directions", and strive to achieve the "five transformation" of the basic ideas, work to promote the construction industry continued to upgrade the development andtransformation of enterprises fall into practice, stress a result.

He asked the profound understanding of the important significance of the establishment of the Committee of experts, give full play to the role of experts.The expert committee of experts should earnestly shoulder the sacred mission of the Committee of experts, and constantly learning new knowledge, opennew ideas, learn new skills, improve the overall quality and professional level.Strengthen the integrity and probity and self-discipline construction,continuously improve their practicing ability and comprehensive quality, to promote the sustained and healthy development of the construction industry,give counsel play a role.

On the meeting, expert Su Quanke, Zhao Changyu, Li Yungui, Zhang Xiaoyong respectively to the sea bridge construction technology, Chinesehigh-speed railway construction and technology innovation, BIM technology application, Hangzhou International Expo Center project BT project construction technology for the content of the lecture. Meeting ofrepresentatives visited the BT project of Hangzhou International Expo Center,and the China Building Industry Association set up a "choice" award fortechnological innovation China construction for the opinions of experts, will be issued after the implement of.

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