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In May 31, 2013, twelfth in the "safety production coming months", LeYi group safety month ceremony Exhibition Center project site was held in R & D.The state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission BureauDirector General Liu Changsen, music art technology group transportationdepartment deputy general manager Zheng Dongsheng, safety and environmental protection department manager Liu Yuan, music art groupgeneral manager Tong Zhaoyin, general manager of company of Wei, deputy general manager and a company Jia Yu Bin, LeYiletter from general manager Li Qiang and other leaders attended the ceremony. Group BeijingConstruction Enterprise Inc in charge of the safety manager, on behalf of theproject manager and service personnel more than 200 people attended theevent.

The ceremony site clean and tidy, neat layout. At nine fifteen in the morning,the official start of the ceremony. Liu Changsen director of production department made a speech. He said, since 2002, the State Council in June each year as the "safety production month", since this work was carried out in12 years, to promote China's construction safety production development,reduce accidents, played a significant role in. Music art group has made great contribution to China's industrial, military development, production safetymonth ceremony held here today, showing a high degree of attention to the work of production safety. Hope the music art group in the production safetywork in the future, do a good job in the basic construction, and constantly advancing with the times, keep the safety concept, continue to fulfill theresponsibility for safety in production.

Manager Zhang put forward three requirements for the safe production workgroup companies. We should attach great importance to. He asked officials at all levels from the high politics, in the cause of responsible, responsible for enterprise, the staff responsible, responsible for their own attitudes, correctly handle the relationship between safety and efficiency. Second, to grasp themanagement work. Comprehensively promote the safety work, must have thesystem perfect, perfect guarantee, all units should take this event as an opportunity to actively implement the management promotion, promotion,safety management to a new level. Third, we must work hard and be practical.Each unit should promptly implement the safety production monthly plangroup, strictly from the fine grasp security.

Representative construction company deputy general manager Zheng Shanxue made a speech. Zheng Zong said, safe production activities ofenterprises, strengthen safety awareness, implement safety regulations,perfect security system, has the very important role in strengthening the safetymanagement. The construction enterprises, security is the effectiveness,safety is happiness. Company will focus on "strengthening the security infrastructure, promote safety development" theme, extensive mobilization, the full implementation of the activities, and should actively use informationization means a good job security, promote the management to improve. Zheng Zong said, "safety production month" only a month's time, but the security work mustrun through the whole year, company will with excellent performance of safety in production to improve the quality of development, with excellent performance of production management and the comprehensive construction,make new contribution to the realization of the strategic target group of five.

The ceremony, the company project manager Zheng Yan and services teamalso made a position statement, the leaders also issued the "safety production month" promotional materials to participate in the activities of the groupsubordinate enterprises. After the launching ceremony, the leaders of all levels and all participants conducted field observation of CATIC R & D center. CATICR & D center project as a key project in a company, from bidding on the establishment of a striving for Beijing city "green construction safe and civilizedmodel site" and "AAA grade safety standardization of" safety excellence goal.Since the start of the project, the company and the project departmentcarefully planning, scientific management, has obtained the good effect in safety work. Construction site safety protection facilities in strict accordance with the "Beijing city construction engineering standard atlas" design, and on the basis of optimization and innovation, all of the production, tool factory and flexible disassembly and assembly, convenient turnover, lead to complete a full range of application of total company safety production standardizationfacilities. In the observation process, engineering video monitoring system, the living area of spray dust suppression system, low voltage power distributionsystem, by the leadership and visitors alike.

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