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The company held the first half of 2013, the construction of production will be
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In July 22nd the company held in the first half of 2013, the total constructionproduction meeting, on the first half of construction production safety and quality management are summarized and commented on, and put forward specific requirements for the second half of the construction work. All members of the company a total of more than 300 people attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by President Zhang Weibing general manager.

On the meeting, Li Shuangxiang, deputy general manager, chief engineer Zheng Shanxue on general construction company production half of civilization on the safety management and quality management are summarized andcommented on, praised the innovation and highlights in the process of management, points out the existing problems and weak links, analyzes the current situation of production, construction, main task and key work of the second half of the civilization construction of production safety management and quality management for the deployment of.

Finally, Huo Tianji Secretary of the company in the second half of the yearconstruction work requirements: to clearly understand the current situation of production of construction especially the grim security situation,conscientiously study the spirit of the instructions of the Party Central Committee to understand the situation of production safety, sober, to the level of politics in their respective positions do solid work; leaders at all levels must have a high sense of responsibility safety management work, take safety as a red line construction production impassable, formed a long-term mechanism of safety responsibility system and safety management, to ensure safety in production company construction; technical quality and innovation of science and technology work to continue to mention level level, for many famous brand, more results. Huo Secretary stressed, safety quality system at all levels of leadership and staff, dare to play, overcome difficulties, forge ahead, the successful completion of the construction task, for the company to achieve a two billion output, improve the quality of development and make greater contribution to economic benefit.

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