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In 2013 the company new employee training in the end
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The morning of August 8th, blue skies, Beijing Shenghua Training Center formilitary training field, 5 more than 320 young camouflage matrix composed ofparticularly attract sb.'s attention in the blue sky, a solemn flag raising ceremony, the magnificent parade, marching band uniform, Military Boxingagainst the wind, the heroic heroic dagger exercises, the surging tide like navy semaphore, a sound of loud slogans, a magnificent picture, a burst ofapplause, good faction inspire people, inspiring passion scene.

Company in 2013 the new employee training achievement report held in here.Music art group Human Resources Manager Li Liping, China Le Yi Import & Export Company Secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Party committee, and other leaders attended the. The new employee fruitfulachievements, won the unanimous affirmation and praise of leaders. On the meeting, in recognition of the advanced company during the training andexcellent students, general manager of the Xiang Shenghua training centerwith banners, party secretary Ma Jianfeng on training is summarized, raised the hopes and demands to the vast number of new employees.

Company this year received a total of 320 graduates, major construction,building electrical, HVAC, engineering cost and accounting, Master graduate student 10, 25 undergraduate students, 20 college students, secondary school students 5, bachelor degree or above, over 70% graduates, record of formal schooling of new employees have significantly improved than in previous years.

The new employee orientation training 8 days. The morning of August 1st,held the entry will be welcomed, the company leadership team members,deputy secretary of the Party committee secretary of the company, and thecompany, company level two HR staff attended the welcome meeting. WelcomeZhang Weibing, general manager, introduced the basic situation of enterprises, put forward the ardent expectations of the new employee.

Welcome to the end, the new staff came to Beijing Shenghua training centerwere closed training. Training to rigorous military training courses, setting a rich training courses, organization to watch the film companies "cross century glory", introduces the general situation and development strategy of enterprisetransformation and upgrading, explained the basic knowledge staff management system and safety management, the company enterprise culturecomprehensive interpretation. Rich new employees during military trainingamateur cultural life, promote team spirit, to show its vitality, the quality development, basketball, evening entertainment for new employees. Especially in August 7th, the new employee Gala brilliant, fully demonstrated the newemployee's brilliant talent and full of youthful spirit spirit, group class leaderswatched the performance. The afternoon of August 8th, held the music artconstruction of new old employee basketball games, Zhang, Liu secretarypersonally participating, real interaction, a warm atmosphere, wonderful repeatedly.

A short span of 8 days of training, the new employees training hard, study hard, round the clock, learned the people's army fighting style, learn theexcellent traditional music art construction, learn the company and excellent enterprise culture, exercise the will, exercise style, cultivate a habit, reap a friendship, enhance the team spirit, training and achieved good results.

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