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Visit the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War Memorial Hall
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According to Corporation education practice work deployment, the morning of September 26, 2013, the company leadership, Corporation Department at theabove leadership, party secretary, general manager of the company came to the Lugou Bridge side Chinese Wanping City People's Anti Japanese War Memorial Museum Learning, cherish the memory of revolutionary martyrs of the valiant record.

China people's Anti Japanese War Memorial Hall is the only one to reflect thecomprehensive history of Sino Japanese War memorial. A picture of the bloody battlefield picture, an inscription history chart, a true to life likeness of sculpture in the flames of war, a section of the video, lead you to review thearduous process of the Chinese nation from the 1931 9.18 Incident to the1945 war all-round victory, feeling Chinese people show up at the national crisis, the national moment of peril brave the spirit of.

The study tour is a corporation, the party's mass line education practicelearning one of the series of activities education link. Through reviewing thehistory of lofty, we realized the flesh and blood relationship work hard and perseveringly process and Chinese Communist Party leads the people's armyand the masses together, further deepen the understanding of "the mass lineis the lifeline of the party". We have said, in the future will be more firmly to the mass line of the party, the down-to-earth style of work, positive attitude, create a new situation of health sustained development corporation, to shoulder the responsibility and mission of state-owned enterprises in the implementation of"enterprise dream" on the road, in order to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation "China dream" contribution strength.

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