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The company held quarterly 1-3 production and operation analysis
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In October 22, 2013, the total company held the 1-3 quarterly productionmanagement analysis and complete the business income of 2000000000 goalwill be mobilized. Project related offices leadership and the manager ofcorporation and the two company members of the leadership team, companyorgans related department leadership, the company a total of more than 260people attended the meeting. The meeting chaired by the deputy general manager.

Zhai Bin, chief economist at first did special subject to report operating condition. He classified analysis of each unit before the three quarter of the new contract amount, and the project contract, contract enforcement,settlement, labor management puts forward four measures: one is toundertake the Beijing construction task; two is a large group, large enterpriseswith strong strength of the strategic cooperation; three is the company to formulate effective control measures for project management; four is to solve the key project and general project settlement work; five is timely labor clearingwork, do not delay.

Cheng Luzong accounting summary analysis of the first three quarters of thetotal operating revenue and profit situation, reported each unit to profitsituation, summarizes the deficiencies of current financial management in thegood aspects and some. The financial and accounting work, put forward to strengthen the occupation moral construction of financial personnel, strictly carry out the capital of the payment management regulations, improve the costexpenditure approval system, strengthening project cost management project,and implement the company project management system and financial management regulations and requirements. Subsequently, the remaining 12deputy general manager said, production and management situation of eachunit before the three quarter and four quarter budget target is expected to be completed for the report and statement.

General manager Zhang Weibing made a mobilization speech. He pointed out,the first three quarters, the main business indicators of continuous growth, the restart area, the new contract amount of cost, the signing of the contract area and revenue growth year-on-year, each index overfulfils laid a good foundation for the realization of the overall goal of the year. The first three quarters of the management work, mainly reflected in four aspects: sustained growth in business scale, but the market situation is not optimistic; economic benefits grew rapidly, but the profitability of Beijing international project is low;the recovery of funds obvious effect, but the clean-up of arrears, recycling of the project funds management situation of the task is arduous; the overall good, but the internal development no balance. Wei Zong emphasizes,through the analysis of the situation, make clear the task, the mobilization of leaders of all levels and all the staff, our 7 anniversary as an opportunity to meet and power, together, grasp the management task company before the end of the year, the market development as the primary task, strengthen measures to clean-up of arrears, strengthen internal management loopholes.He asked, leaders at all levels and all the staff should go deep into the eight provisions, to change the style of Central Committee of the party puts forwardthe go all out, work hard and be practical, create the good performance for thecompany 7 years birthday gift.

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