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Difficult music art group Party Secretary Hailong Liu condolences to company employees
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The Spring Festival approaching, the difficult life of the staff have always been concerned about the group, the company leadership to heart. In January 9, 2014, Le Yi group Party Secretary Liu Hailong, deputy secretary of theDiscipline Inspection Commission, executive vice chairman of the full-time trade union law, discipline inspection and audit department director Wang Guangying visited Xue Lu, employee leasing company employee Wang Shaosheng. Chairman, Secretary of the Party committee, deputy secretary ofthe Corporation, the main leadership, and companies, leasing companies.

Hu asked in detail about their illness and treatment, to understand the life,work, family and so on them, and told them to be at ease for illness, active treatment, strive for an early recovery; encouraged them to establish confidence, to face life, to maintain an optimistic attitude, strive for early troubles. Liu secretary said, although the year is approaching, the group's production and management work, but the group leaders did not forget the dedication of the youth and sweat of the old Comrades for group's development, now some old comrades to the difficulties of life, the group has the obligation to make the greatest efforts to give them help. The new year willcome, he represents the group leadership to the comrades to worship a early,I wish the old comrades auspicious good luck in everything, Ankang.

Care group led to difficult employees truly feel the love and warmth of groupleadership.

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