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Focus on learning the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen
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The afternoon of December 25, 2013, 32 Party branch music art group Party Secretary Liu Hailong, Secretary of the organization, focus on learning "the party's eighteen plenary session of the Communique" and "CPC Central Committee on deepening reform of certain major issue decision" full text.

Liu Hailong Secretary stressed, the Third Plenary Session of the eighteenclear "emancipate the mind, the liberation and development of productive forces, the liberation and enhance social vitality" 3 Emancipations ", adhere to the leadership of the party, insist to liberate a thought, adhere to the people-oriented, adhere to the correct processing reform development and stability" 4 adhere to, from the perspectives of politics, economy, education, livelihood,medical, food, pension, environmental protection, urbanization development strategy Chinese draws the outline of the future, as China comprehensively deepen reforms drawn up a new blueprint, a positive attitude to show the new central collective leadership will be "comprehensive reform", the release oftackling tough, march forward courageously advance determination Chinacontinued leap the development of.

Liu Hailong secretary with the central economic work conference, put forward three requirements of the central urban work conference and the central rural work conference:

One is to fully understand the significance of study and implement the spirit of the eighteen plenary meeting, deeply understand the spiritual essence, it is a major task of the whole Party of current and future periods. We should continue to enhance awareness of learning, propaganda, carry out, implementthe spirit of the plenary session, the spirit of unity of thinking and action to theplenary session of the Eleventh Central Committee, conscientiously implement,realistically, to work well.

The two is to learn the Third Plenary Session of the eighteen spirit and fulfill responsibility together, new thoughts, new ideas, new ideas, new creation holdplenary meeting, carry out to promote the work of. The branch must be closely integrated with practice, the study of plenary meeting spirit and carry out the "I dream of love, dream 艺梦 China" together, further emancipate the mind,broaden thinking, grasp the overall situation, the safety and quality in the first place, to promote the company construction advantage, seek big development.

Three is to strengthen the leadership of the organization learning the spirit of the plenary session. Companies and departments shall, in accordance with the unified arrangements, group and careful arrangement, elaborate organization,careful study, comprehend plenary meeting spirit and the spirit of conference of central. To make oneself an example, leading cadres take the lead, lead to learn, learn in order to practise. To seize the good opportunity to promote the urbanization development of our country, put forward new target for music artgroup chairman Tian Xiong -- toward the "bigger and stronger", ensure "doingtime" to make new contributions.

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