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The 2014 New Year's party music art
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The morning of January 20, 2014, the 2014 New Year's party music art held inFort small villa new building two floor conference room. Music art group Party committee secretary Liu Hailong and Le Yi group party, have a joyous gathering and music art the old party members and cadres, new year, talk about music art group situation.

On the meeting, party secretary Liu Hailong conveyed the fourteenth session of the Beijing City People's Congress second conference spirit, summed up the 2013 Le Yi estate, Le Yi construction, Le Yi pipe industry three industry achievements and Fort small beautiful village construction achievements, put forward the scientific goal of musical group in 2014.

Cadres, old party members spoke at the meeting, said, Le Yi group businessfor more than 10 years, regardless of any setbacks and difficulties, always tothe interests of the villagers in the first place, so that the villagers welfare has increased year after year, day crossed well. The new leadership of youngenterprising, hard as a group, the developing steadily. As a member of a small fort, we feel very proud. The old and new leadership, new old team of our meticulous care and love, of our work is to inspire and motivate, we will keep consistent with the party, to play, to actively support the music art group and the village work, contribution to the group's development.

Finally, Liu Hailong Secretary stressed, you old cadres, the old party membersput forward very high expectations for us, although feel a heavy burden on the shoulders, but we will proceed without hesitation, no regrets to strengthen confidence, overcome difficulties, efforts to struggle, and we work together, thegroup's development towards "bigger and strong", ensure "doing long", thesmall fort beautiful village construction to be more perfect, that the happinessindex is getting higher.

After the meeting, deputy secretary of Party branch secretary Le Yi group Liu Hailong, Liu Yongcheng, Jiao treasure accompanied by village committeesunder the age of 90, above the village elders on sympathy, as they broughtthe rice grain and condolences. But, wherever he went, he asked in detail about the family circumstances and physical condition, to tell the old mandevelopment of music art group, and ask them to group development and Fort small beautiful village construction suggestions and requests.

Music art group executive vice president Wang, Fan Yimin, Zheng Shanxue,  little Bao Village general Party branch secretary in the tea party.

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