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LeYi group in early 2014 work
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The morning of February 12, 2014, Le Yi group held at the beginning of the 2014 working conference in villa Lau three meeting room. The meeting was presided over by the general manager Zhang Weibing.

Music art group party secretary, general manager of a real estate conferencereport of music art. Report of the overall situation, the lofty idea, focused,inspiring. According to the actual development of both the group and changes in the development of the market development strategy and goals this year,and the deployment of the arrangements and details of the key tasks this year,and puts forward 3 specific requirements, pointed out the direction for thedevelopment of all the work this year.

Music art group general manager Zhang Weibing read a group of 3 red head file, respectively is the "Beijing Music Art Group Limited on the establishment ofmusic art financial leadership team decisions", "Beijing Music Art Group Limitedon the improvement of professional and technical personnel subsidy standardSupplementary Provisions" and "Beijing Music Art Group Limited on strengthening enterprise outside the record management notice"

Finally, the chairman of music art group emphasizes 4 points in his concluding remarks: one is the provisions of eight Central and anti-corruption efforts fully embodies fairness, social fairness, which for the development of our collectiveenterprises is very favorable. We should seize the opportunity for developmentof the good, to enhance their own strength, improve the credibility of the market, the group development more steady, more healthy. The two is to seriously study the central 16 big and small 60 to deepen the reform ofcomprehensive decision, combined with the current situation and future development strategy, sort out the work of thinking, strengthen the development of confidence. Three is the construction of dynamic attention city group and new towns, collecting useful information for the development of the company, actively participate in the bidding, achieved great development by wisdom, integrity, strength. The four is to pay attention to quality and safety,less people, cultivate people with good people. Certainly, stand on solid ground, do many things at once, to win the market by reputation, to become bigger and stronger forward, to ensure the good done for a long time.

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