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LeYi group Party committee held the party's mass line education practice mobilization meeting
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For the further implementation of the Tongzhou district about carrying out the mass line of the party education practice in the region of deployment requirements, Le Yi group party held in March 14, 2014 the party's mass lineeducation practice mobilization meeting. Music art group Party Secretary Liu Hailong for the mobilization of the report, put forward specific requirements for the group's education practice social work inspection team leader Guo Fengling. The meeting chaired by the music art group deputy party secretary Tian Yanwei.

Liu Hailong secretary from a full understanding of the party's mass line education practice significance, grasp the spiritual essence of solid work to promote and strengthen the leadership to ensure the education practice obtains the actual effect on the three aspects of the party's mass line education practice of arrangement deploy. At the same time, music art groupParty branch, Party branches and Party members and cadres, to unify their thinking and actions to the education practice demands, to "significant resultsfor the people of pragmatic and clean" style construction, the convergence ofpromoting positive energy music art group does poineering work the two times the sustained and healthy development, to speed up the four industry reform and innovation, do many things at once, do do greatly strong pace, realize tomake a greater contribution to do long target!

Put forward five requirements inspection team leader Guo Fengling: one is to carry out the activities of total demand, according to "all mirror", to let the masses benefit, the ultimate goal to let the masses satisfied. The two is to focus on the work style construction, resolutely oppose the "four winds", to solve the problem of the vital interests of the masses have strong. Three is therectification spirit of criticism and self-criticism, really put yourself into it, to find out. The four is to adhere to the leadership, give full play to the leading andtaking the lead role. The five is to pay attention to the establishment of long-term mechanism, to ensure that the entire education practice, good for good tobegin well and end well.

Social work supervision group deputy head Liu Qiang, District Committee Partymembers Zhang Yachen, social science an ocean and music art group group of Party committee members, the Party branch, Party branch above the branchleading cadres, part of middle-level cadres, district party, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, Party members, representatives of a total of more than 90people attended the mobilization will.

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