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The big opportunity for the development of the construction industry in transition
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Editor's note: the total goal of comprehensively deepen the reform of state put forward new requirements for the transformation of the development of theconstruction industry, upgrading and transformation of the construction industry, will inevitably bring about the change pattern of interests and the mode of production industry. In this. In this period of great change, new building industrialization as one of the direction of the transition has become increasingly clear, will become the industry "big opportunity butterfly". How to seize this opportunity, this is the whole industry needs to seriously consider the issue. Therefore, the author interviewed construction technology of Ministry of housing and urban rural construction technology and industrialization development center director Ye Ming. Ye Ming is director of the authority of experts building industrialization field, his profound understanding of China's new industrialization of construction, building on the industry transformation of the eagerly look forward to and enthusiasm for the development of the industryconstantly running, to show us his industry continues to offer at the same time,also let everybody see the dawn of a new China's construction of industrial development.

The construction of industrialization into the development opportunity

Ye Ming director said, at present, as China's economic and social developmentand the construction industry the demographic dividend fade out, China's newindustrialization of construction has entered a "period of development". He said, the construction of industrialization is not new, as early as in the last century 50's began to promote national industrialization of construction, to the mid 80's in last century once stop, go up century 90 time end, begin to carry out housing industrialization, but the development is not ideal. Investigate its reason, objectively speaking, the period of economic and social developmentis not originated from the building industrialization of soil, mainly is the humancost is low, the labor market is abundant, the lack of the internal driving force of development and market demand. From the subjective point of view, one isfor industrial building understanding and the understanding is not in place, the purpose is not strong, industry and industrialization, industrialization and theindustrialization, the blindness of subjective development; two is the subject of the industrialization of the understanding is not clear, excessive dependence on the real estate business, enthusiasm and initiative failed to correctly guide and mobilize the construction industry in the construction in the development of industrialization. In recent years, the development situation of China'sconstruction industry is very good, whether the relevant departments of the state or local governments, the construction industry has been attached importance to, the development of a number of large construction enterprisesbegan to seek from the building industrialization in transformation and upgrading, and has achieved initial results. More importantly, the current development of incentive in China new building industrialization from most ofinternal demand in the market and the construction industry transformation and upgrading.

He said, the future, the development of new architectural industrialization mustpay attention to 3 aspects, one is to follow the laws of the market, not blindlypromote the use of administrative means. To make the technology system and management mode of industrialization gradually mature, development in practice can not jump on the bandwagon, but not for instant success, this is the healthy development of the road. Two is to scientific management, buildingthe whole process, from the view of the whole system, promoting coordinated development. To establish a modern enterprise management system, focus on promoting the project general contracting mode, through the integration and optimization of industrial resources to maximize the overall benefits. The earlyespecially in the construction of industrial development, a prerequisite for social level is not high, the specialized division of labor has not yet formed,only in accordance with this model, in order to put the whole industry technology and management mode of curing down. Three is to technological innovation as the guide, to research and develop the enterprise independenttechnological system and construction method, which is the soul and the core competitiveness of enterprises, the future who have mastered the technology and engineering who will control the market, who can grasp the opportunity,gain the initiative in the new round of reform.

Ye Ming director said, recently the society on the "industrialization" of the titlehas generated some controversy, this is understandable, it also reflects on the work of attention. He said, in a large number of name, the 3 name of housing industry modernization, industrialization and modernization of new buildingconstruction industry is put forward from different angles, the modernization of housing industry is mainly from the real estate perspective, the residentialconstruction as the key proposed; new building industrialization is change from the construction industry mode of production point of view, "building before industrialization model" two characters mainly with our differences,emphasizing the integration of informatization and industrialization of construction depth; construction industry modernization is more inclusive, is the concept of socialized production, is residential construction as the key point, on the industrialization way, so as to promote the objectivescomprehensive, coordinated development of urban and rural housingconstruction. Promote the construction of industrial modernization cannot do without the construction of industrialization, only the building industrialization to realize modernization of construction industry. Director Ye Ming said, theconstruction industry, more targeted may use this concept model construction industrialization, development is more advantageous to the present stagespecific work.

How to transform the enterprise to the new building industrialization

Ye Ming director said, the transformation of construction enterprise to the new building industrialization direction, in two aspects should be prepared, one is to master the industrial construction technology, this is a successful transformation of soul. If the enterprises do not grasp the industrialized construction technology, transformation and upgrading is tantamount to asking. Two is in the transition to the new building industrialization must come out from the traditional management mode, abandon the existing "bag" mode,to the project as a leader, the implementation of the integration, specialization,modern management model. These two aspects are indispensable, in the promotion of new industrialization of construction, as long as firmly grasp the two aspects, we can seize the focus, persist, will be able to achieve the goal of development.

For construction enterprises with different quality, the transformation directionshould also be different. The only qualification for construction enterprises, to the specialized construction direction transformation, the transformation from the Project Manage Company to the engineering company, the outstanding professional ability of construction, the construction team specialized.

In addition, director Ye Ming said, that the old practice, the construction enterprises in the transition to the new building industrialization direction to get rid of dependence on traditional path, to take point, step by step way. From the current has been successful transformation of enterprises, the enterprise interior to the traditional path dependence is very strong, in all aspects of technology, interests, ideas, system and so on are stubbornly is conservativeand dependence, the traditional pattern of interests is difficult to break, but to be successful, not only to maintain the original pattern of production and operation, he must get rid of the dependence on original system, only set up a separate kitchen, go to the battle-front without any burden, is to create a separate operation main body, formed the independent operation mode, so that the industrialization of construction enterprise development were first realized through the practice of the body. When the main construction technology, mature management system, which in turn drives thetransformation and development of the whole enterprise.

The "industrialization of high costs", director Ye Ming analysis says, theindustrialized construction way of initial production, the construction cost is better than the traditional way is a normal phenomenon, the fundamental reason is that enterprises have not fully master the technology, there is no professional team mature and skilled workers, the enterprise management and operation not the establishment of modern enterprise, as long as do these preparations, the cost will drop down, can completely and the traditional way of construction cost competition, the overall quality, benefit will achieve maximum.

Enterprise support and basic technology is the key of building industrializationimplementation

Director Ye Ming emphasizes, cultivate leading enterprises and research to improve infrastructure technology, standard is the key to implementation of building industrialization, which is the industry issues of common concern, is also the Ministry of housing and urban rural development of science and technology and industrialization development center have been the focus ofwork since its inception. Nearly one stage, the main focus of the work around the center:

One is to train a number of industry related degree, strong drive ability of leading enterprises through the establishment of the national industrialization base. At present, the center has established 3 pilot city, 39 national housing industrialization base in the country, these bases in the industrializationdevelopment plays an important leading role, demonstration, Shenyang City,Shenzhen City, Ji'nan City, Hefei city and the construction of the international,South Building, big industry, Heilongjiang Yu Hui, Shandong. One star and other enterprises have been at the forefront of the industry, has become thebuilding industrialization development in the new period leader.

Two is the research of basic technology, standard and work. The "rules"technology of concrete structure assembly type are planning stage, this year is expected before May will be introduced. The standard for the enterprise to provide technical support to industrialization. In addition, the center also actively editor "industrialized building evaluation standard", the standard is to define the connotation of industrialization construction from the perspective ofindustrial production, has direction and orientation, is expected to completed by the end of the year. The standard will be formulated around the policy andprovide the basis and criteria for the evaluation of the degree of industrialization.

Three is the research of construction industrialization standard system andimplementation mechanism. Ye Ming director said, this research mainly from the industrial technology system, improve the past standards and the missingstandard carding, establishing a standard system, a topic of. At the same timealso in implementation mechanism of construction industrialization<, SPAN class=Apple-converted-space> standardresearch. Ye Ming, for example, the design of building industrialization and traditional design, drawing system, drawing design change, design work to shiftto factories and construction site; construction supervision is to shift to the factory, it is the largest and the traditional mode, scope of responsibility in all links to happen change, these need to be studied, only make clear these, can be healthy and orderly development of the industry.

Director Ye Ming said, although the new building industrialization stage hasmade some achievements, also has become the trend of development ofindustry of identity, but new building industrialization in China is still at the primary stage, and many problems need to be studied and solved. It is hisserious and persistent, let us in the industry transformation of the crossroadsto see the dawn, he is using his continuous efforts, let the opportunitybecomes more and more clear. (China Construction News)

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