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The quality and safety of national construction project will be fully tested
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The office of housing and urban construction department recently issued a circular, decided the construction engineering quality safety supervision and inspection of law enforcement in this year, to further promote the partiessubject construction to enhance the quality and safety awareness, implement the quality safety responsibility, strengthen accountability, ensure projectquality and safety.

The scope of inspection will cover mainly residential projects under construction and public works, including residential projects to guaranteesafety engineering. Inspection mainly includes the following three aspects: one is the country to implement the "construction quality management regulations","construction survey design management regulations", "construction safety management regulations" and other laws and regulations and normative documents of the situation, to carry out reconnaissance and design qualitymanagement, residential project quality common problem management and construction the construction of production safety special rectification of the situation, engineering quality and safety accidents, quality problems andhidden dangers and etc.. Two is the system and engineering quality safetyguarantee project quality and safety, focus on examination of survey and design enterprises and construction of enterprise safety management of project quality, the foundation and the main structure of the entity quality,formwork support and hoisting machinery safety management. Three is thepracticing personnel construction, surveying, design, construction, supervisionand other parties to the main responsibility and the construction plan review,engineering quality inspection and other relevant units and survey design and technical personnel, project manager and chief engineer, implement the relevant laws, regulations and mandatory construction standards.

Notice requirements, all want to take seriously highly, strengthen leadership,combined with the actual situation of the quality and safety of local projects,carefully check the work of the organization. To be arranged around theinspection activities, strengthen the propaganda and guidance, improveindustry quality and safety awareness. At the same time, all in the construction project to conduct a comprehensive self-examination. Around the urban and rural housing construction departments through the inspection, inspectionmethod inspection, wherein, the affordable housing project to all inspection. To check out the quality and safety problems and hidden dangers, should betimely rectification, the illegal behavior, severely punished. Throughout the region to self-examination of the summary, find the existing problems and puts forward corresponding countermeasures.

Based on local self-examination, housing and urban construction departmentfrom June to July this year, the composition of the inspection team to carry out supervision. (China Construction News)

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