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In recognition of the general assembly
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In April 14, 2014, the National Committee China building industry associationand China seaman construction union held the 2013 annual nationalconstruction in Beijing (Development) in recognition of the general assemblyunits and construction project of energy-saving and emission reductioncontest. Vice president of the Chinese Construction Association Xu Yiping, vice president and Secretary General Wu Tao, Chinese seaman Construction Union National Council of ministers, deputy secretary Geng Qun of the Ministry of construction work Chinese Construction Association Liu Yulin, ChineseBuilding Industry Association branch chairman Wang Xiangming green construction, green construction China Building Industry Association vice president, branch Chinese Academy of engineering, Xiao Xuwen and other leaders attended the the meeting. Representatives of more than 300 people.

The meeting chaired by China Construction Industry Association vice presidentXu Yiping, vice president of the Chinese building industry association and Secretary General Wu Tao read the commendation congress documents, toobtain the national green building and energy saving and emission reductionunits and the engineering award winning race.

Chinese building industry association president Wang Xiangming on behalf ofgreen construction, green construction branch of speech. President Wang Xiangming pointed out in his speech, energy-saving and emission reductioncontest, is to implement the State Council "" Twelfth Five Year Plan "a comprehensive energy reduction program of work" concrete action, continue to promote the green construction and energy-saving emission reduction work,is a new task of our construction enterprises, a new starting point. Chinesebuilding industry association and Chinese seaman Construction Committee inthe country since the national construction units and construction projects in energy-saving emission reduction standards competitions, to promote green construction and green construction played a very good role in promoting.

National Committee Chinese seaman construction union Geng group ministerChina seaman construction union speech. Finally, China Building Industry Association vice president of branch of green construction, China academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Xiao Xuwen energy-saving and emission reduction contest is briefly reviewed, and thinking, energy-saving and emission reduction contest the top design the sustainable and healthy development ofenergy-saving and emission reduction contest put forward specific ideas.

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