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The Ministry of housing and Urban-Rural Development on energy saving inspection of national construction
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The Ministry of housing and urban-rural development recently announced in 2013 national housing and urban and rural construction areas of energy-saving emission reduction special supervision and inspection of building energy efficiency inspection. Bulletin shows, 2013 year, housing and urban construction departments at all levels to further strengthen the organization and leadership, to implement policies and measures, the strengthening of technical support, strengthen supervision and management, the work has achieved positive results.

In 2013 the implementation of mandatory standards for new buildings energy-saving, energy-saving, the new building of 1440000000 square meters, can be formed 13000000 tons of standard coal energy-saving ability; national townsbuilt building of 8800000000 square meters, accounting for about 30% of the area of the town of civil building, a total of 80000000 tons of standard coalenergy-saving capacity.

In the energy-saving renovation of existing residential buildings, the Ministry of finance, Ministry of housing and urban construction 2013 year arrangement ofexisting residential buildings in northern heating areas of heat metering and energy efficiency retrofit plan of 190000000 square meters, by the end of 2013, all completed a total transformation area of 224000000 square meters.

In the aspect of system construction supervision of public building energy saving, as of the end of 2013, the national accumulated public building energy audit energy consumption of more than 10000 buildings, public buildings tonearly 9000, more than 5000 buildings energy consumption monitoring. In 33 provinces (including municipalities) to carry out energy consumptionmonitoring platform construction of pilot.

In the application of renewable energy buildings, by the end of 2013, the townof solar energy application area of 2700000000 square meters, shallow geothermal energy application area of 400000000 square meters, built and photoelectric buildings under construction of installed capacity of 1875 mw.

In the aspect of green building and green ecological city construction, as of the end of 2013, a total of 1446 projects for green building label, construction area of over 160000000 square meters, of which 2013 year 704 projects for green building label, construction area of 86900000 square meters. (ChinaConstruction News)

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